Welcome in Synergon

Welcome in Synergon - because  the world  changes
Synergon s.r.l. is a consulting firm, developer and business accelerator for the world of SMEs, through processes of strategic innovation.

Operating since 2001, provides all the necessary support for strategies, for competitive growth and development of domestic and international business.

Together with own partners is predominantly engaged in competitive re-positioning strategies, defining and implementing business development scenarios, as well as technology transfer and finance.



Understands and analyzes the needs for innovation and competitiveness of product and process.
Identify new business opportunities by analyzing market trends and behaviors.
Company has an open network of contacts with research centers and consulting firms, national and international, to generate innovative ideas and to contribute  multidisciplinary knowledge.


Defines, for each project, the technical and economic feasibility, the marketing plan, communication and sales.

Identifies, for each project, potential partners for joint venture operations, both financial and technological.
Assists customers during the renovation process and technology transfer, in relations with suppliers and potential partners.
Outlines strategies for protecting intellectual property.
We are engaged in tutoring and project feasibility studies for research projects to be oriented towards the Framework Program for Scientific and Technological Research of the European Community,
Identify the most appropriate forms of financing, ordinary and extraordinary, supporting the client in the application process.


Business process, re-egineering & intelligence;
Analysis of potential, trends, profitability, competition, segmentation, SWOT analysis, relationship marketing & customer made;
Defining the positioning strategy of basket products / services ;
Internationalization projects.

Sales policies;
Scouting, selection, training and support on the territory for distribution channels, setting goals and performance review.
Establishment and management of subsidiaries in domestic market and abroad.

Corporate Identity, brand building, comm. plan development, budgeting and analysis of the pay-back; organization of trade fairs and promotional events
Design promotional campaigns, websites, editorials and press releases.

Technical management;
Feasibility studies and development for renewal of products and processes;
Scouting for technology partners and suppliers;
Coordination of business consortium.
Technology transfer projects.

Network analysis of business  
Exploitation of intangible capital
Development of creative processes.


Agency agreements and distribution agreements  
Contracts for supply of products and services.
NDA, MOU, Joint Venture business and technical, etc.

Formulation of Business Plan and assistance in seeking funding through government financial tools:
                                  Business Angel and 
                                  Venture Capital

Feasibility studies for projects of research to guide the 7th Framework Program for Scientific and Technological 's European Union


Our Senior Project Consultants, with the entrepreneur, are joined  on targeted projects, to conduct the strategic changing or the turnaround of our clients.
Consultants involved, which have gained considerable experience covering managerial in the R&D,
in Marketing and Organization areas, even in international high technology and markets.

All consultants have a significant experience in support of SMEs, during the critical phases of  business start-ups, growth , reorganization, generational change, repositioning, internationalization, covering in some cases significant roles into the Board of our clients.

Synergon has  an extensive network of Italian and foreign consultancy factories, and is linked with high level public and private research centers, with whom It works regularly to support analysis of markets and technologies, aimed at innovation activities, technology transfer and business development.

Reason for choice

A consulting company is, above all, professionalism, reliability, capacity planning, efficiency and speed enforcement, and Synergon was founded on this basis.

Synergon is a network of professionals whose consultants and partners involved, wherever necessary, to transform into reality the ideas and goals of clients by putting on the field, always, the most creative ideas and the most advanced execution capabilities.
To obtain concrete results, Synergon is able to activate human and technical resources in many areas, with the same rapidity with which they act entrepreneurs and businessmen. With the same approach in solving business problems.
The Synergon do not just advise the contractor on "what to do." We call him the goals, we offer new opportunities, we realize how we manage the planned and operational in time.

TOGETHER entrepreneur
Synergon is not just a consortium of consultants is primarily a partner for the entrepreneur and his company.
Because in addition to technical competence and capacity to make proposals of its consultants, Synergon can count on a vast network of partners, giving the network a real capacity to provide and manage investment projects approved by the customers.

Investigations conducted in major European countries have highlighted the main reasons why companies resort to a solution of TM:
• Flexibility, perhaps the most recurrent motivation, especially as regards the availability of high-level skills, without any complication of long-term fixed costs
• Speed in starting the project: normal, in less than two weeks you can let the manager in the company
• Quality of the manager and the overall solution
• Effectiveness in achieving the optimum solution to the problem
• operation immediately, resulting from the level of seniority of managers and employees from their oversizing trend
• Motivation of managers, strongly oriented to specific project
• No complication and burden related to the term of office
• Efficiency in terms of cost
because  the world  changes

because  the world  changes

because  the world  changes